Potential Jobs for Graphic Design Majors

Posted in: Graphic Design

Written by Rob Sutter

To say that graphic design is meaningful would be an understatement. This endeavor stands the chance of helping any business, regardless of what it can present to the public. For example, if a New York web design company is looking for fresh talent, who’s to say that it won’t focus on specialists who have just completed school? Of course, there are a number of other possibilities for majors to look into, depending on what their interests entail.

For this reason, it’s important to discuss the potential jobs for graphic design majors to pursue. These jobs could be for lower positions in various companies, but others require more experience and leadership. Here are just a few opportunities that may be worth your interest.

Graphic Designer – This is, perhaps, the most common job associated with the aforementioned major. For those who do not know, a graphic designer is someone who creates practically all visual media related to businesses or brands. This media includes – but isn’t limited to – company logos, basic designs, and website layouts. In addition, a graphic designer must be able to assess every piece of work that is created, running the work in question by companies for the sake of approval. This is just one of the many jobs worth looking into.

Art Director – If you’d like to get involved in work that requires more leadership, this might be the best option for you. An art director is someone who creates design concepts, in order for the development of various platforms. Even though official websites and social media channels will be covered, print cannot be cast to the wayside. In addition, an art director should be able to work with others in their team, ensuring that everyone is doing their job to the utmost degree. Without an art director, it’s easy to see that progress won’t be made from a cosmetic standpoint.

Web Developer – This is where the more technological side of things comes into effect. Even though a web developer will oversee the progression of websites, this particular authority must also possess a broad understanding of code. If even a single line of code is incorrect, it can negatively affect the outcome of any project. One of the reasons why an online marketing company will succeed, in the long term, is because of effective web development. Seeing as how this process can play into the betterment of other companies, this is a profitable job for any graphic design major to consider.

Of course, these are just a few possible jobs for graphic design majors to take up in the future. Don’t hesitate to research further, so that you can learn more about what this particular degree can grant you. The top art schools understand that graphic design degrees are meaningful, and the litany of jobs that can possibly be taken up cannot be disputed.