Potential Jobs for Graphic Design Majors

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To say that graphic design is meaningful would be an understatement. This endeavor stands the chance of helping any business, regardless of what it can present to the public. For example, if a New York web design company is looking for fresh talent, who’s to say that it won’t focus on specialists who have just completed school? Of course, there … Read More

3 Ways to Excel in Cinema Studies

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There’s more to cinema studies than simply watching old movies. Seen as one of the best courses for a potential art graduate to take up, cinema studies entail the observation of all elements associated with film. Much like criminal justice is crucial for a future New York private investigator, one can argue that cinema studies can aid an aspiring actor … Read More

How to Succeed in Flash Animation

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Believe it or not, flash animation is one of the most common forms to take into account. Anyone can attest to this sentiment, especially if they have visited a number of websites throughout the years. Even though these animations started off as relatively simple – bandwidths and connection speeds were not nearly as impressive as they are now – they … Read More

Acting: 4 Tips for Voice Projection

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If you’re going to get involved in acting, not only as an art major but a future career option to boot, you must be able to project. The ability to speak both loudly and clearly is essential for this purpose, especially if you find yourself wanting to work on stage in front of massive audiences. One can make the argument … Read More

3 Tips for Excelling in Cinematography

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Every production that’s seen on screen required a vision beforehand. For example, if a veterinarian wishes to discuss PEMF treatment for horses on television, he or she will require research and key points to focus on. This is one of the ways in which a vision can be created, and it’s easy to see how this concept can be applied … Read More

The Furniture Design Do’s & Don’ts

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Furniture design can be used for a number of reasons. Many people will hire specialists in order to decorate their living rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens. Those who work in various industries can take advantage of this as well. Whatever the case can be, it’s difficult to argue the notion that furniture design matters. In fact, a number of art … Read More

3 Typography Animation Tips to Know

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When looking inside the art portfolio of a promising animator, certain elements will stand out. These will include anything from rough sketches to completed works, spanning all forms of animation to be imagined. However, when someone thinks of animation, they might immediately associate said term with the likes of Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and other developed characters. Not often is … Read More

What is Method Acting?

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Both aspiring theater graduates and established officials are likely to adopt different methods for improvement. Method acting is just one to consider, but its worth cannot be overlooked. For those who do not know, method acting entails the development of dialog and characteristics associated with characters. However, as opposed to simply being portrayed on stage, these elements are to be … Read More

What Does a Marbling Major Entail?

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Marbling is easily one of the most unique topics that one can associate with higher education. For those who do not know, marbling is defined as the process of printing stone-like or swirled patterns onto different surfaces, sturdy paper and soft fabrics in particular. Without question, this process is one of the most artistic, and it’s possible that your local … Read More

The Do’s & Don’ts of Attending Art School

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Needless to say, college can present some of the most rewarding experiences, not only from a professional standpoint but in terms of personal growth as well. Those who have graduated from various campuses, culinary schools and art colleges included, can attest to their worth. When it comes to the latter idea of art, it’s easy to imagine that there are … Read More