4 Tips for Creating a Graphic Design Portfolio

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By the time you graduate from art school, it’s safe to assume that you’ll have ample work to show for your efforts. A good percentage of this work will probably go into your art portfolio, not only for your own personal reasons but for the sake of professional success as well. After all, few employers are going to want to … Read More

4 Tips for Running an Art Class

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It’s not uncommon for someone to complete a higher education program, for the sake of becoming a teacher. For example, someone who spent time learning about SEC whistleblower practices and other criminal justice topics could go on to teach classes in this major. Without question, running a class can be a challenge. It’s not without its rewards, though, as you’ll … Read More

3 Mistakes Every Furniture Design Student Should Know

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To say that furniture design is extensive would be an understatement. It can cover a litany of topics, ranging from strictly functionality to comfort of the highest level. It’s possible that a student in this major will go on to create sofas, futons, and the like for the common home. However, it’s just as easy to assume that students across … Read More

Why Does Industrial Design Matter?

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In general terms, industrial design entails the creation of items used on a regular basis. These can include everything from children’s toys to the latest computers, which should give you a clear understanding of just how vital this particular major is. Industrial design matters, and anyone who has spent ample time in the best art schools imaginable can say the … Read More

The Uses of Art Therapy

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Did you know that one can major in art therapy? Regarded as one of the most unique majors, not only in art colleges but higher education institutions in general, this topic allows people to better understand some of the best therapeutic methods. Those who adopt said methods might have experienced traumatic events in their lives. Others might be recovering in … Read More

The Reasons to Teach in Art School

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Many students go on to become teachers in a number of fields. For example, someone who’s passionate about criminal justice can teach others who take up this major, with topics ranging from criminology to pharmaceutical fraud. This is just one of the many ways in which a teacher can exercise their abilities, but what about the prospect of art school? … Read More

The Journalism Do’s & Don’ts

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To many, journalism is an art form in its own right. Even though it mainly consists of reporting on factual events and statements, the truth of the matter is that there is a particular way to go about this. Certain practices must be carried out in order for journalists to be deemed as reputable as possible. The practices in question … Read More

The Essential Tools for Graphic Design Students

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No matter what a college major specializes in, a series of tools is likely to be used. All one has to do is look at the medical supplies used by veterinary majors, which help them respond to queries like, “What can I give my dog for pain?” As far as art is concerned, there are various assets designed to help … Read More

The Do’s & Don’ts of Wildlife Photography

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Wildlife photography entails a tremendous degree of work, as you might already know. After all, given the unpredictable nature of many animals, photographers have to be especially vigilant and careful when snapping various pictures. However, even the most astute photographers can benefit from learning experiences. For those who are passionate about this art form and wildlife in general, there are … Read More

Questions Fashion Design Students Should Ask

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In order to learn as much as possible in any academic environment – from your local community college to a more established chef school – you must never feel hesitant to ask questions. The same logic applies to art school, which is a point of interest that fashion design students must make note of as well. Even if these students … Read More