Important Questions Acting Students Should Ask

Posted in: Film & Video Production

Written by Rob Sutter

Acting is ability to cover a number of possible roles, and it’s important for men and women in this field to be versatile. Someone might find himself or herself portraying a beggar on the street, playing on an audience’s sense of empathy. However, that same individual can go on to take a role as a whistleblower attorney in a legal drama TV show. Acting entails effort from those who invest time in it.

For those who are looking to get involved in acting, there are certain questions you should ask. After all, it’s one of the best ways one can learn. How else can an advertising student, for example, be able to learn about the facets of a Long Island advertising agency? In order to get the most out of acting, as an academic major and a personal passion, here are a few questions you should bring up.

“I’m having trouble projecting. What should I do?”

One of the key points of acting is projection, which is how you speak both loudly and clearly for others to understand. However, no matter how passionate you are about acting, it’s possible that you can benefit from some help in this respect. Many actors and actresses take to speech lessons and classes, meaning that they can focus on what requires improvement. Even if you didn’t consider these possibilities beforehand, they’re worth noting all the same.

“How many auditions does it take before I land a role?”

Simply put, it can take time until you find the role that suits you best. Many of those who have graduated with acting degrees will take part in numerous auditions, only to come away with a few possible opportunities. Do not become discouraged if this is the case for you, since you aren’t the only who will be caught in this situation. It’s just a matter of staying aware of unique roles, before putting your all into the ones you eventually land.

“Am I able to study after I graduate?”

When you graduate from school, with a well-composed art portfolio in your possession, you might think that your learning experience is over. This is far from the truth, though, especially for those who are involved in acting. When you’re learning how to improve your craft outside of school, focus on the performances of established actors. Take a few more acting classes, on your own time, so that you can build upon your existing skill set. These are just a few ways to go about studying.

“How can I stay inspired?”

The best artists are those who stay inspired; this is no different in acting. One of the ways to do so is by giving yourself time to relax. When you’re working on a routine basis, you run the risk of getting burnout. Another way to stay inspired is by watching old and newer film productions alike. You can pick upon the aforementioned performances, and it’s possible that you’ll find new techniques to implement. When it comes to acting, inspiration matters.