How Music Students Can Use the Internet

Posted in: General Art

Written by Rob Sutter

Whether your focus is on wind, percussion, or what have you, music and the Internet seem to work in tandem. Music is a skill that you’re likely to develop over time, from your earliest days being taught by a Long Island daycare teacher to when you finally take part in art school courses. As time goes on, your familiarity with the Internet will grow, as you’ll utilize different platforms for personal and professional reasons alike.

Picture this: you have finally enrolled in the aforementioned art school. You have finally entered one of the finest campuses in the world, the purpose being to earn a degree in music. More likely than not, you’ll find yourself creating a litany of work, some examples practically being tailor-made for your portfolio. In order to get the most out of your work, as far as this major is concerned, the Internet must be used. How can this be done, though?

One of the ways to implement the Internet, for your musical efforts, is by taking advantage of different websites. YouTube is perhaps the best example, not only for its popularity on a large scale but the massive audience it boasts as well. Many YouTube users upload videos of themselves playing music, ranging from covers to original pieces. Who’s to say that you can’t follow suit? Provided you have the technology to record high-quality video, this is one method to adopt.

Another tool that music enthusiasts should make note of is SoundCloud. If you’re a fan of independent music, chances are that you already know what this platform is all about. For those who are less familiar with the name in question, it can prove to be one of the more user-friendly tools for students. It’s easy enough to record and upload music, and the fact that users aren’t restricted by file sizes should be noted as well. While this might be less prominent than YouTube, music students can still make use out of SoundCloud.

While the Internet might be worthwhile, the content you decide to showcase must be your own. This probably goes without saying, but you’d be surprised by how quickly copyrighted work can be taken down. If you’re a long time YouTube user, you know this fact all too well. Failure to abide by this rule can result in not only content being taken down, but your account being suspended as well. Follow this simple rule, and you can make even more out of the Internet while studying music.

Hopefully these tips have shown you just how integral the Internet can be for college students. This isn’t limited to music, either. A criminal justice student who’s learning about pharmaceutical fraud, along with related topics, is likely to use the online world for research reasons. Regardless of what you specialize in, as far as musical interests are concerned, the Internet might be more worthwhile than you think.