Game Design & 3 Tips for Creating Characters

Posted in: Game Design

Written by Rob Sutter

Game design hinges on numerous factors, chief among them the characters we see and relate to. Some will be more empathetic than others, depending on how they’re created. For example, an average, everyday person will be more relatable than a being with unimaginable power. Of course, this is just one of the many facets of character design, which can be learned across art colleges that feature game design programs.

What goes into the development of video game characters? What should specialists keep in mind when creating this form of digital media? Without these personalities, it’s possible that once promising projects will not turn out as well as they should. For those who are driven to create the best characters imaginable, here are 3 tips to recognize.

Make sure characters fit into the world you’ve created. In order for one to excel in game design – or any art major, for that matter – consistency is required. Certain patterns will be followed by a website developer, from one project to the next, so that he or she can one day work in web design in New York. This is an example of consistency at work, and it can be applied to game design as well. For example, if you’re going to develop a game that takes past in a post-apocalyptic setting, the characters aren’t going to be overly colorful or cartoony. This is a mishmash of moods that, for lack of better terms, doesn’t work. In order to create effective game characters, consistency is vital.

Emphasize cosmetic appeal. Even though looks aren’t everything, they play a major role in game design all the same. In the case of character design, you want to make sure that your work is as appealing to the eye as possible. Cosmetic appeal is nothing new in the digital age, though. After all, if a social media agency is hired to create graphics for a client, the graphics in question would have to be effective from a visual standpoint as well. For game design, in all respects, the implementation of sharp textures and bold colors alike will matter. Make sure that everything flows, from an artistic standpoint. These are just a few ways to ensure that your well-crafted characters boast the utmost cosmetic appeal that can be imagined.

Write the sharpest dialog possible – Of course, what good are video game characters if they are unable to convey their emotions or thoughts? In most cases, this is where dialog will come into the picture, meaning that smart writing must be implemented. In this day and age, adventure games have seemingly taken cues from major motion pictures, depicting not only the development of said characters but the creation of situations where they would showcase positive and negative traits alike. Dialog is nothing short of vital and the shaper your writing is, the more engaging the characters reciting your words will be.