The Top 3 Benefits of Online Video Art Courses

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The ways in which we obtain information are constantly evolving, which goes without saying. Such is true in school as well, especially when you get to the point of higher education, whether your sight is set on a smaller college or a larger university. Even though the traditional classroom setting can help anyone learn about different topics, it would be … Read More

Evaluating Popular Online Art Courses

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There’s no denying the appeal that comes with learning online. Men and women with tighter schedules may not be able to commit to traditional college schedules, which is understandable. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that their educational pursuits must be cast aside. As a matter of fact, many of these individuals have taken to online art courses, each of them … Read More

How to Sell Your Artwork Online

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There are different career paths worth recognizing by graduates of art schools in California, such as California College San Diego. Some people may work at different companies, especially if they specialize in web or graphic design. Others may take further steps and open their own companies, which gives them greater control over what impassions them the most. From what I … Read More

The Delivery of Information in Online Art Schools

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The goal of attending any kind of school, be it in relation to art or otherwise, is to gain information. This should go without saying. You should want to learn as much as possible about your particular craft. What this will do, in turn, is help you to become that much more apt at what you’re passionate about. Art is, … Read More

Evaluating Metal Arts through Online Learning

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If you were to look into any online art school, chances are that you would be met with a variety of subjects. Some of them will undeniably pique your interest more than others, so it’s important to focus on what you believe will offer the best value. As you continue to expand online learning platforms like the Academy of Art … Read More

Why Learning Art Online Might be the Future

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Why Learning Art Online Might Be the Future

In regards to the best methods of learning, it’s clear that there is a tremendous level of preference to take into consideration. Some students enjoy the standard classroom setting where they learn from an actual instructor amongst a group of students. Others may not enjoy said method as much. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that learning methods have … Read More

Online Fashion Education

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Whether you are a true fashionista or just want to learn a little about the fashion business, you may want to consider attending classes through an online fashion school. As an online fashion student, you can try out various areas of the fashion industry, including fashion design, fibers and textiles, footwear design, patternmaking, apparel design, and fashion merchandising. Online fashion … Read More

Online Graphic Design Degrees

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The work of graphic designers is all around us. From a movie poster to an advertisement on the side of a bus, graphic designers help us to navigate our visual world. Designers have an important job: they combine creative skills and communication tactics to tell stories and pass along information. If you want to join the graphic design ranks, you’ll … Read More

An Interview with Freelance Graphic Designer Diego Gomez

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Creative career moves in graphic design launch a freelance enterprise… As a freelance graphic designer based in San Francisco, Diego Gomez has flexibility and creative control he requires for career satisfaction as well as the ability to set his own hours and chooses his own clients. Diego received a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute … Read More

Graphic Design Careers

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Graphic designers create visual images used in a variety of communicative pieces. These include magazines, newspapers, reports, packaging, journals, websites, signs, and other publications. Graphic designers are skilled in employing color, illustration, photography, type, and animation to convey a message, to either persuade or inform. They typically have strong artistic and creative skills as well as excellent computer skills. Education … Read More