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FAQs About Game Design Schools

What kind of online programs are available in game design? There are a lot of online game design programs available. Most programs offer certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor degrees in game design, and there are plenty of schools with online … Continue reading »

Online Game Design Schools

The world of video game design is a thrilling one. Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to create and design a game? Can you imagine yourself creating exotic virtual realms, enchanting characters, and thrilling adventures like … Continue reading »

Introduction to Video Game Design

If you’re looking for a career that combines artistic creativity with technical know-how, all in an environment that actually encourages hours upon hours of game play, a career in video game design is definitely for you. The Video Game Industry … Continue reading »

Game Designers in Atlanta

Atlanta might not be the first place you think of when you think of game design, but the industry is growing there. In fact, Georgia as a whole is eager to see the industry plant roots in the state — … Continue reading »

Video Game Design School Ranking

Mapping out your design education aspirations and options? Design school rankings can play a key role in the fact-finding process. But even the creators of ‘top schools’ lists caution students to use restraint when considering a school’s by-the-list ranking in … Continue reading »

Top 12 Video Game Design Schools

In a competitive industry like gaming, students are looking for the best education to help give them a competitive edge. The Princeton Review recently surveyed 50 game design programs at U.S. colleges in order to handpick the eight top schools … Continue reading »

Sound Design for Video Games

Since the rise of talkies, sound has been an integral part of multimedia whether it be films or video games. Today, there’s much more to film audio than recording dialogue. As with film, television, and other primarily visual mediums, sound … Continue reading »

Career Profile: Game Designer

Love to play video games? Consider creating them! Game design can include everything from computer programming to graphic art to user interface, marketing, and packaging design. Game design professionals may handle it all, or specialize in different pieces of the … Continue reading »

The Art of Video Game Design

Forerunners. Titans. Great Journeys. The Longest Journey. Twisting Nethers. Solid Snake. … Carl C.J. Johnson. If you’re familiar with one, any, or all of these terms, imagine yourself creating the imagery and animation that make these worlds and characters come … Continue reading »

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