3 Tips for Aspiring Stage Actors

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One can argue that acting on stage has a unique element of challenge compared to television or film. After all, you are in front of a live audience that expects perfection. In addition, unlike video productions, stage acting does not allow for retries or multiple takes; you have one opportunity to get it right. Nonetheless, stage acting elicits a sense … Read More

The Reasons to Teach in Art School

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Many students go on to become teachers in a number of fields. For example, someone who’s passionate about criminal justice can teach others who take up this major, with topics ranging from criminology to pharmaceutical fraud. This is just one of the many ways in which a teacher can exercise their abilities, but what about the prospect of art school? … Read More

Potential Jobs for Graphic Design Majors

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To say that graphic design is meaningful would be an understatement. This endeavor stands the chance of helping any business, regardless of what it can present to the public. For example, if a New York web design company is looking for fresh talent, who’s to say that it won’t focus on specialists who have just completed school? Of course, there … Read More

Qualities of the Best Music Students

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Everyone learns music for different reasons. Maybe it’s a matter of understanding a particular instrument – it doesn’t matter if it’s a piano, guitar, or what have you – or perhaps it’s the desire to learn how to sing with utmost perfection. Music students have the desire to learn, which goes without saying, but simply enrolling in one of the … Read More

Potential Jobs for Art Therapy Majors

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It’s easy to see that art therapy is one of the perfect combinations of creative passion and mental healing. Essentially, it serves the purpose of letting people complete different projects, mainly for the purpose of relaxing or remedying them in the long term. It’s a great endeavor to get involved in, so it doesn’t surprise me that people would go … Read More

Theater & Evaluating Different Careers in the Arts

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Those who decide to become theater majors will, one day, be able to appeal to various audiences. The ability to engage in theater has to do with more than simply remembering lines and reciting them as you have learned. It’s also important to note that theater entails the ability to convey enough emotion to where all types of spectators are … Read More

Evaluating Careers for Recent Art Graduates

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Following the day you earn your art degree, it’s likely that you will want to get involved in the working world as soon as possible. You have spent years building up your education, not to mention your reputation, through various courses you have worked hard in. What this means is that you are going to be especially confident during your … Read More

3 Types of Advertising Careers, Designed for Art Majors

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When “art” is uttered, what are some of the initial terms which spring to mind? I am sure that anything from “painting” to “graphic design” will be brought up, given the fact that these are just a couple of the most popular majors associated with art as a whole. However, you may be surprised to know that many students get … Read More

Evaluating Some of the Best Art Careers for Students

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Before anything else, it should be noted that students must get involved in majors they are most passionate about, not necessarily the ones they believe will make them the most money. If you feel as though you have a strong level of knowledge about websites and how they are mapped out, make it a point to focus on web design. … Read More

Detailing Potential Careers for Graphic Design Students

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Detailing Potential Careers for Graphic Design Students

With a massive amount of popularity, in any field of work, comes the opportunity for expansion. This is the case for graphic design, which is an art form that many tech-savvy students have become involved in. Not only do they enjoy the personal benefits that come with creating digital images, layouts, and the like but they know that there are … Read More