Creating Art through Toy Design

Posted in: General Art

Written by Rob Sutter

To say that art can be incorporated into a number of industries would be nothing short of an understatement. There are artists who are more creative than others, even to the point where it seems as though their mindsets are, in certain ways, childlike. They understand how the process of creating art should be modified in order to appeal to younger demographics. For those who are inquisitive, this is there the idea of toy design may come into effect.

Toy design is, to put it the simply, the process associated with the creation of toys. While this concept may sound simple, it’s actually one of the most intricate. The reason for this is because toys themselves provide a number of benefits for children. While they are typically attained for the purposes of entertainment, one could make the argument that they are just as educational. They encourage children to be imaginative and, in a number of cases, social. The value associated with toy design is a concept that very few will be able to overlook.

With these points in mind, it’s important to understand why artists must be brought into the fold. While they may not have initially considered toy design while attending art school, there are actually many aspects of art which can translate to this level of design.

To start off with, an artist must be able to draft their work in toy design. It’s important to note that every concept must begin somewhere; this is true when it comes to the creation of toys as well. Think about how certain toys function, if they are built this way, and how certain gears work together in order to create that very level of functionality. Without the blueprints set in place beforehand, though, it’s unlikely that these toys will be created. When toys are mapped out beforehand, success stands a chance of being achieved.

Specialties may be seen, depending on the companies tasked with the creation of toys. For example, if you are hired by a toy company, you may find that they only create board games. Another company may only work with dollhouses and the like. Whatever the case may be, as an artist, you must understand how your skills can play into each of these specialties. The concept of toy design is an inclusive one, which only makes it that much more open to art in general.

Another concept related to toy design is the idea of teamwork. Think about the projects, in art school, that you had collaborate with others on. You were able to share ideas so that the best results could rise to the surface. The same can be said for toy design, depending on how big the team is. Collaboration, as stated earlier, is crucial since it allows various ideas to come together. While there may be disagreements, or just differing opinions, there’s no doubt that this level of teamwork can help to make the process of toy design more effective.