Admissions Interview with Mr. Kavin Buck, Enrollment and Outreach Director

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University of California, Los Angeles

When selecting prospective students, what factors are considered by your admissions staff? (e.g. grades, portfolio, class rank, etc.)

The admissions staff considers each prospective students’ portfolio, essay and questionnaire (reviewed by a faculty committee). The applicant must also meet the University of California minimum academic requirements.

What do you look for in a prospective student’s portfolio?

A combination of strong technical skills combined with work that goes beyond classroom assignments. The portfolio should consist of work that is motivated by the applicants’ interests and ideas.

What kinds of things are you looking for in an interview with a prospective student?

Interviews are not required at UCLArts.

How selective are art schools in general?

Depends on the school.

What advice can you provide to students who are trying to get accepted into art schools?

Each school is unique. Visit the campuses and ask a lot of questions.

What percentage of applicants to you accept?

The UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture accepts approximately between 10% to 15% of our applicants in Art and 8% to 12% of our applicants in Design.