4 Essential Qualities Game Design Students Should Have

Posted in: Game Design

Written by Rob Sutter

Game design is nothing short of popular, which makes sense given the popularity of gaming in this day and age. Anyone can get involved in the act of playing video games, regardless of how much they know about technology in general. Many young men and women get involved in this major, and the fact that art colleges offer it cannot be overlooked. With that said, though, not everyone can excel in this major, regardless of how integral video games might be in their personal lives.

It all comes down to character qualities, which can be associated with any major, no matter how closely related it might be to art. For example, someone who’s invested in a criminal justice program to become a private investigator will have certain traits others won’t. As far as game design is concerned, here are 4 of the essential qualities to be had. With these in mind, you can determine if this is a major you’d like to pursue.

Tech-Savvy – If someone is to learn about game design, he or she should possess a strong understanding of technology. This probably goes without saying, especially when you think about all of the art school topics that require technology. Will those who work with web design in New York schools be able to do so without the likes of Photoshop or similar technology? Game design students should be tech-savvy, if they have the desire to get into this field once they have graduated.

Affable – Seeing as how you’ll be working alongside others in game design, your personality must be one that people gravitate to. Being affable means that others won’t hesitate to approach you with questions, comments, or concerns. When you’re affable, you have the opportunity to directly communicate with people on your team, helping them resolve problems they have been struggling with. This is yet another essential quality anyone in game design should be mindful of.

Aware – Having a strong sense of awareness matters in game design, too. Specifically, you should be mindful of the people who will play your products. If you’re creating a mobile game, chances are that you will focus your efforts on larger audiences. As a result, you’ll want to make it as streamlined as possible, ensuring that players come back time and time again. When you’re aware of the bigger picture, as it relates to game design, your ability as a creator will shine through.

Creative – More than anything else, a game design student has to be creative. With so many projects to be created, it’s possible that they won’t be made nearly as well without a sense of creativity being seen. If you see that most video games in a particular genre have a certain mechanic, see if you can implement another. Of course, you may not always succeed, but such is the way of taking risks. Instead of following the norm, break away and try new things. You’ll never know what you’ll find if you do so.