The Art Majors Where CAD is Used

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The Art Majors Where CAD is Used

CAD – or computer-aided design – is a type of 3D art endeavor that it utilized to accomplish several feats. Maybe you want to find out how something looks, in theory, or perhaps you want to bring life to a unique design that no one has conceived. Whatever the case may be, CAD is pretty common amongst art schools. This … Read More

What to Know Prior to Art School Enrollment

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What to Know Prior to Art School Enrollment

It doesn’t matter if you’re focused on graphic design, the fine arts, or architectural design. Chances are that your goals involve the enrollment and impact of art school, which is understandable given the type of education you can benefit from. Of course, it’s not enough to simply pick a random school from the Internet and leave it at that. There’s … Read More

Evaluating Different Theater & Acting Exercises

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  Those who get into theater do so for the purpose of performing. Such a point should go without saying, but there is such a high level of effort that goes into this process. Not only do men and women have different roles to play, but they must be able to immerse themselves in said roles so that they can … Read More

Is a Creative Writing Degree Worthwhile?

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  Many artists find themselves better able to convey their thoughts with their work. While they may not be strong when it comes to social interaction, the fact that art can help to present messages should not be overlooked. Suffice it to say, this logic may be applied to creative writing as well, which is one of the many reasons … Read More

The Lessons You’ll Learn in Game Design

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Lessons You'll Learn in Game Design

Sometimes, the knowledge you’ll obtain from college isn’t always academic. Yes, you’ll retain specific details, which is great for the sake of personal growth. However, I would argue that it’s the life lessons that help to round out your character, allowing it to become far stronger than it had ever been before. Those who have taken part in game design, … Read More

Common Criticisms for Writing Students

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Writing is, more than anything else, an art form. With it, a number of creative works can be brought to life, and it’s not out of the question to think that people can be moved by these very works. However, in order to become truly great at this, an education can go a long way. As a matter of fact, … Read More

How Art Majors May Design Effective Mascots

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  Depending on the art major you decide to enroll in, you may find yourself tasked with the creation of a mascot. You already know what this is, especially if you’re someone with an advertising background. A mascot, in the simplest of terms, is an entity that helps to represent a company. Ronald McDonald (McDonalds) and Mario (Nintendo) are just … Read More

Common Questions for iOS Mobile Design

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  Those who are interested in pursuing graphic or web design degrees probably already know that their work won’t be limited to computers. While many people will utilize desktops and laptops alike to access the work in question, this doesn’t mean that other platforms are to be ignored. As a matter of fact, the mobile side of things must be … Read More

3 Ways To Implement Difficulty in Game Design

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Game design hinges on various factors, though there are few which hit you the hardest as the element of challenge. Of course, this component can vary from one project to the next, depending on what audience it’s being built for and what developers have had in mind beforehand. Those who have learned from art schools in New York, like ITT … Read More

3 Artistic Pointers for Textile Design

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In what’s considered to be one of the lesser known art topics, the creation of textiles cannot be ignored. This particular endeavor can be integrated into quite a few larger fields, fashion design being one of the most popular. Not only do these present comfort, but the litany of aesthetics that can be brought to the table should not be … Read More