Questions to Ask When Developing Game Art

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For game design to be carried out most effectively, art must be created. This can be related to anything, ranging from the most diverse character models to the simplest of textures. Without art, no video game will be created to the level of quality that it deserves. Much like the work that an online marketing company is involved in, game … Read More

Potential Jobs for Jewelry Design Majors

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From necklaces to engagement rings, there’s no denying the sheer scope associated with jewelry. Needless to say, this will be just one of the many elements you’ll discover when you take up a program as a jewelry design major. For students across the best art schools, who have a keen eye for fashion, this can prove to be one of … Read More

Cutout Animation: Details Art Students Should Know

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When you hear the word “animation,” it’s probably safe to assume that there are certain names that come to mind. These can include everything from SpongeBob SquarePants to Frozen, as these have become popular names in this field of art. The ways in which these are made are rather contemporary, as 2D and 3D animation alike are still going strong … Read More

What to Know Regarding Marketing in Fashion Design

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Fashion design is open to a number of unique possibilities. Anyone who has been involved in this field, even to a minimal degree, can attest to this sentiment. Not only is this major able to bring some of the most striking articles of clothing to life, they can also appeal to numerous senses of style to boot. However, in order … Read More

Potential Courses for Animation Students

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Needless to say, there are certain courses one associates with different college majors. For example, if you were to focus on a program associated with chef school, perhaps menu design and the occasional culinary lab would come to mind. Simply put, there are courses one would immediately connect to different majors, and those that are found in art school are … Read More

3 Career-Focused Tips for Film Students

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If you decide to attend art school for the purpose of becoming a film major, it’s possible that you will go on to develop your acting ability. To say that acting is a promising field would be an understatement, especially when aspiring men and women alike can land a number of key roles. However, in order for these roles to … Read More

Potential Jobs for Graduates in Media Arts

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In essence, media arts covers all of the ways in which information is transferred and picked up. These methods may include digital media, such as computers or smartphones, but more traditional methods like radio cannot be overlooked. Without question, this is a promising major for art school students, and the fact that there are numerous potential jobs to consider makes … Read More

Important Terms for Film Students to Know

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What are some of the general topics that you will learn about when it comes to film? Some of these ideas may include acting and directing, which probably goes without saying. What about the basics? In order to get to one of the aforementioned endeavors, it’s important to recognize certain terms and their meanings. Without this level of knowledge set … Read More

3 Potential Jobs for Game Design Graduates

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There’s no denying the sheer popularity associated with the video game industry. In fact, one can make the argument that it’s just as big as – if not bigger than – the movie industry itself. People have taken to the aforementioned type of media, like fish take to water, and continuous advancements have resulted in more engrossing experiences as well. … Read More

What Desktop Publishing is Used to Create

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Those who are unfamiliar with art college majors may have taken, or even simply heard about, desktop publishing. For those who are unfamiliar, desktop publishing is utilized in order to give various forms of media different layouts. It doesn’t matter if they reside in the physical or digital sense; formatting is required in order for these to stand out. Suffice … Read More