3 Tips for Dressmakers in Fashion Design

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  Fashion design entails numerous points of interest, amongst them being the idea of dressmaking. Anyone who has been involved in fashion, at any length of time, will tell you that dresses must be created in certain ways. Not only should be made for comfort, depending on their purposes they’re tailored, but the cosmetic side of things is arguably. Seeing … Read More

Game Design & How to Approach Additional Content

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One of the biggest points of contention in game design – and it’s one that developers and consumers alike can observe – is the idea of content. Specifically, people want to be certain that they are getting as much out of their investment as possible. It’s for this reason that many people look at downloadable, or additional, content with skepticism … Read More

What is Musical Theory?

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It’s safe to assume that most of us enjoy music. Specifically, we like listening to it on a leisurely basis, such as when driving in the car for different lengths of time. Others may utilize it as background noise in order to help them complete different projects, academic or otherwise. With that said, how many of us truly understand music, … Read More

The Do’s & Don’ts of Game Art

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Game design is composed of many unique points, some of which stand out more than others. Nonetheless, if you’re someone who is looking to get involved in this field, nothing should take your attention away from art. To say that this factor matters would be an understatement, but there are those who may be curious about how much weight it … Read More

Qualities of the Best Music Students

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Everyone learns music for different reasons. Maybe it’s a matter of understanding a particular instrument – it doesn’t matter if it’s a piano, guitar, or what have you – or perhaps it’s the desire to learn how to sing with utmost perfection. Music students have the desire to learn, which goes without saying, but simply enrolling in one of the … Read More

4 Furniture Design Pointers to Know

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There are many points of interest to consider when creating furniture. Even though it should be comfortable, the truth of the matter is that cosmetics matter just as much. Anyone who has gone to school, with the purpose of learning about said art form, will be able to attest to this. However, those who are just entering college may be … Read More

3 Mistakes Creative Writing Students Should Know

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  More than anything else, creative writing should be a liberating experience. Compared to other college majors, this particular focus is able to let you put your creativity to the test, which can produce anything from unique stories to endearing characters. This has been responsible for the creation of favorite novels in the world of fantasy. Before you’re able to … Read More

The Crafts for Art Students to Know

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  The first word that comes to mind, when it comes to the many crafts in art school, would have to be “detail.” Crafts matter in this field, and the fact that they can result in some of the best items being created cannot go overlooked. One of the best things about this form is that they can be observed … Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Footwear Design

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Fashion design is broad, to say the least, and many people seem to overlook just how expansive this art major truly is. All you have to do is look at footwear design, which is one of the several components associated with fashion in general. It’s not out of the question to think that students could get involved in this, as … Read More

The Art Majors Where CAD is Used

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The Art Majors Where CAD is Used

CAD – or computer-aided design – is a type of 3D art endeavor that it utilized to accomplish several feats. Maybe you want to find out how something looks, in theory, or perhaps you want to bring life to a unique design that no one has conceived. Whatever the case may be, CAD is pretty common amongst art schools. This … Read More