Web Design: The Do’s & Don’ts to Know

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Is it any wonder why web design is one of the most popular majors to be associated with art colleges? Without this tool, society lacks the accessibility to information and entertainment that it enjoys today. As a result, it’s not a surprise that many college students go to school with this major in mind. Not only do they want to … Read More

Potential Jobs for Graphic Design Majors

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To say that graphic design is meaningful would be an understatement. This endeavor stands the chance of helping any business, regardless of what it can present to the public. For example, if a New York web design company is looking for fresh talent, who’s to say that it won’t focus on specialists who have just completed school? Of course, there … Read More

Making the Most of a Web Design Program

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It goes without saying that websites must be built. Anyone who has been involved in the New York web design process can say the same, since there are multiple moving parts that make up the larger machine. For this reason, many young men and women attend school, since they can learn the fundamentals of this art form before becoming more … Read More

How Music Students Can Use the Internet

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Whether your focus is on wind, percussion, or what have you, music and the Internet seem to work in tandem. Music is a skill that you’re likely to develop over time, from your earliest days being taught by a Long Island daycare teacher to when you finally take part in art school courses. As time goes on, your familiarity with … Read More

Game Design & 3 Tips for Creating Characters

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Game design hinges on numerous factors, chief among them the characters we see and relate to. Some will be more empathetic than others, depending on how they’re created. For example, an average, everyday person will be more relatable than a being with unimaginable power. Of course, this is just one of the many facets of character design, which can be … Read More

4 Tips for Creating a Graphic Design Portfolio

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By the time you graduate from art school, it’s safe to assume that you’ll have ample work to show for your efforts. A good percentage of this work will probably go into your art portfolio, not only for your own personal reasons but for the sake of professional success as well. After all, few employers are going to want to … Read More

4 Tips for Running an Art Class

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It’s not uncommon for someone to complete a higher education program, for the sake of becoming a teacher. For example, someone who spent time learning about SEC whistleblower practices and other criminal justice topics could go on to teach classes in this major. Without question, running a class can be a challenge. It’s not without its rewards, though, as you’ll … Read More

Why Does Industrial Design Matter?

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In general terms, industrial design entails the creation of items used on a regular basis. These can include everything from children’s toys to the latest computers, which should give you a clear understanding of just how vital this particular major is. Industrial design matters, and anyone who has spent ample time in the best art schools imaginable can say the … Read More